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Only 36% of cyclists have recorded their frame number

I've been running for over a year now, and one of the things I keep hearing from Police Officers from all over the UK is that they recover many bikes but simply cannot give them back to the owners because there is no proof that it is theirs.

Frame numbers are unique to your bike and can hold the key to ensuring that if your bike is found, it can be returned to you without question.

Some Statistics

For more statistics, check out our blog post!

  1. Every 67 seconds a bike is stolen in UK
  2. 69% of bikes are stolen from the owners home
  3. Most bike thefts occur in the afternoon or evening
  4. Only 1 in 5 victims report their bike stolen

How to Enter

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  1. Record the framenumber of your bike(s) and put it in a safe place.
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